Facebook & Instagram experience massive outage across US & Europe

Millions of Facebook and Instagram users have been forced to vent their frustration via Twitter after the social media networks experienced an unexplained outage across the US and Europe.

For about an hour users from the US and Canada to Chile and Italy have reported being unable to log in or post on their feeds from 12:01pm EDT, according to DownDetector.

More than an hour after users began experiencing problems, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that some people are “currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps“. The spokesperson failed to give an explanation for the global outage. 

#FacebookDown began trending on Twitter globally as frustrated netizens vented their fury at being denied access to their virtual lives.

Facebook is down it looks like. People are actually going to have to talk to each other! Hahahahaha #facebookdown

— Graham Pudek (@GrahamPudek) March 13, 2019

Facebook & Instagram are down, which means people are quickly remembering Twitter exists.

It’s like running out of your favorite wine, then you remember those loose Bud Lite bottles waaaaay in the back of your fridge. #anyportinastorm#Facebook#FacebookDown

— Stephen Lyford (@FocusedOnBeer) March 13, 2019

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, suffered similar unexplained major outages in January this year, and November and October last year. As usual, users flocked to the “old reliable” Twitter to occupy their time until the world is restored to its natural order.

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